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Kim Kardashian Is The Apple Of Oj Simpson?s Eye? He?s ?obsessed? With ?kuwtk? Star

But when I get out shes mine She likes black ball players, I am a Hall of Famer and I still have my Heisman award. Kim has known O.J. Simpson and his family since she was young. O.J. and his ex-wife, Nicole, spent a lot of time with Robert Kardashian and his wife at the time, Kris. They were all very close, but sources say that O.J. has always had a sort of soft spot for Kim. O.J. said he always thought was a cute girl when she was younger, but it has only been since hes been in prison his infatuation with her has grown to a full-blown obsession. He reads every magazine he can about her and when she is on TV he demands silence from his fellow inmates so he can watch without interruption.

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